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LucFosther Diop was born in 1980 in Douala. After spending his young age having a very difficult relationship specially with his father, at the age of 17, he moved from the family house in Douala to his uncle’s place in Bafoussam (west-Cameroon) where he got his diploma of secondary studies in 2000. Then went to study Fine Arts in Yaounde where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts at the Yaounde 1 University in 2003. After obtaining a grant from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2009, he studied for two years at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam. He currently lives and works in Douala and Rotterdam.

Today, favouring a poetic point of view, LucFosther Diop is developing a research project on neocolonialism and imperialism, and their social, political, cultural, historical, geographic, economic and urban influences and repercussions. This research is essentially based on digital and media experimentation through photography, collage, drawing, video, ephemeral interventions, video performances, recycled documents and files found on the web and diversion of their content’s meaning.

He is the first artist to benefit by a residency grant at ArtBakery (Bonendale, Cameroon) in 2003, at the MTN Foundation in 2007 and a digital arts research and production Unesco-Aschberg award for French Africa in 2013. LucFosther Diop exhibited his work during OK Video International Festival in Jakarta (2007), World One Minute Video in Beijing (2008), the 2nd Thessaloniki Biennial (2009), International Symposium on Electronic Arts (2010), PhotoEspaƱa (2011) and the Havana Biennial (2012), among others.

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